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JD Capital plc 30/01/2023

Constitution of Security Package and Release of Net Bond Proceeds

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The Convenience Shop Holding plc 30/01/2023

Authorisation for Admissibility to Listing

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Harvest Technology plc 30/01/2023

Appointment of Chief Business Development Officer

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United Finance plc 30/01/2023

Resignation and Appointment of Director

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Pharmacare Finance plc 27/01/2023

Basis of Acceptance

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HSBC Bank Malta plc 27/01/2023

Information to the Market

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Mediterranean Maritime Hub Finance plc 27/01/2023

Transfer of Shares in Guarantor

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AX Group 27/01/2023

Change in Senior Management

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AX Real Estate plc 27/01/2023

Senior Management Announcement

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