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Investment Management Malta

We believe that fostering a personal relationship with our clients is the only way to make financial decisions on their behalf. This makes the whole strategy-building process easier, more calculated, and far more rewarding when our clients finally invest in the equity, fixed income securities and money market instruments that meet their financial needs.

Our approach to investment management is primarily based on discipline, structure and analysis. Our investment ideas and portfolio structures, specifically developed for our clients, are the result of innovative thinking and thorough research which have successfully addressed diverse investment mandates. When identifying investment opportunities our research team select only those which match our long term investment style. The portfolio managers then match these opportunities to the clients’ portfolios, ensuring the risk profile permits such investments.


The firm manages the investment requirements of a variety of clients which range from retail individuals to the more sophisticated institutional investors. Curmi & Partners was established almost 40 years ago when the clients of the firm at the time were retail individuals who required assistance to invest their savings in the international capital markets. Over time, the company evolved to become the Investment Manager of choice for a plethora of investors whose investment requirements have become much more demanding both from a technical as well as a regulatory angle. The number of portfolios belonging to professional investors has been growing exponentially over the past decade ranging from High Net Worth Individuals to Trusts, Banks, Family Offices, Insurance companies and Pension Schemes.


Although the regulatory background and investment requirements of these investors could at times be substantially different, we still ensure that an element of communality in our approach is maintained across all profiles – a communality which is reflective in the ethos we want each of our clients to witness first hand


The firm is constantly investing in its workforce and IT infrastructure to ensure that clients are serviced by knowledgeable individuals who have the right tools available in order to provide its loyal customers the service they expect from us. The starting point of any investment portfolio is always the same, irrespective of portfolio size. We appreciate that the relationships which commence with the firm are long-term in nature and hence the importance of recommending an appropriate investment strategy is crucial.


Understanding the investment objective in terms of risk and return and ensuring that the investment strategy being proposed is appropriate is a common denominator for all our portfolios. More often than not, the risk profile is the main driver to everything else – the investment risk an investor is able and willing to take on is only one of many factors but certainly a very important one. This allows us to work out a suitable investment strategy – one which is proven, and which is expected to perform in a way which keeps the underlying investors in their comfort zone in terms of risk.


As a firm we offer six off-the-shelf investment strategies with various risk profiles and return objectives. These cover the entire efficiency frontier which is made up of the asset classes and currencies we feel comfortable analysing and recommending to our clients – these are primarily cash deposits & money market instruments, equities, fixed-income securities and alternative investments. We go through great lengths to continuously optimise these strategies as we strive to achieve a desirable investment outcome for our clients. Therefore, if a pensioner wanted to implement a conservative investment strategy which is focused on generating an income stream, or whether a young professional with a less averse risk profile wanted an investment strategy that focused on growth, our off-the-shelf strategy matrix will very often provide the right investment solution.


However, there are times when clients require a customised solution, a solution which is capable of adhering to legal and regulatory parameters as well as the investment parameters we are accustomed to. The firm caters for such scenarios too – in fact Curmi & Partners excels in such situations which is precisely why the number of such technical and demanding mandates have been increasing.     

Discretionary Management

If a client is searching for a more hands-off approach to investing, our Discretionary Management solutions are designed to provide them professional service with very little intervention. Each discretionary manager has direct access to our team of research analysts to select the most appropriate investments based on the client’s chosen strategy. Then through our reporting engine we offer transparent and seamless reporting to ensure clients are kept fully updated.


We believe the most important part of any new investment mandate is to understand what the underlying client wants to achieve from their investment portfolio. Our expert team delivers high-quality advice based on years of experience and research into financial markets and clients’ needs. But our clients are the ultimate decision-makers, and we alter our investment strategies to coincide with their individual requirements and ever-changing financial goals.