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Euro Thirty-Two and a Half million Malita Investments plc.

Malita Investments p.l.c. has announced that it has obtained approval from the Malta Financial Services Authority (“the MFSA”) for the issue and listing of new ordinary shares via a rights issue (“the Rights Issue”) – 4 new shares for every 9 shares held.

Malita is an investments holding company focused on the acquisition, development, and management of immovable property. Malita’s income is based on long term rental and lease agreements with high quality tenants. Government has c.80% of the holdings in the company.

Basic features of the offer:

  • The Company will be offering the shareholders appearing on the register (“the Existing Shareholders”) as at 20 February 2024 (“the Record Date) the opportunity to subscribe for a total amount of up to 65,825,806 new ordinary shares, pursuant to the Rights Issue, at a price of €0.50.
  • The net proceeds from the issue of the new ordinary shares, which net of issue expenses are expected to amount to up to €32.5m, will be utilised by the Company towards part-financing the required capital expenditure for the Affordable Housing Project. The balance is being financed through reputable credit institutions.
  • Malita has a consistent track record with respect to dividend payments, supported by its highly visible income profile. Its policy is to pay interim and final dividend each year and has done so regularly throughout the years. Malita aims to continue distributing total gross dividends to shareholders amounting to an estimated €0.0350 per share, equivalent to an estimated gross dividend yield of, at least, 7% on the Rights Issue price.
  • The Company has irrevocably undertaken to allocate an aggregate amount of up to 20,846,827 shares (out of total 65,825,806) that will be available pursuant to Lapsed Rights to institutional investors entering into Placement Agreements with the Company. This allocation is intended to provide the opportunity to the general public who are not existing shareholders to participate in the issue. The minimum subscription amount that Applicants may subscribe for is 1,000 New Ordinary Shares and in multiples of 100 New Ordinary Shares thereafter.

Expected Timetable:

FAAEs mailed to Existing Shareholders 27th February 2024
Application Forms available at Financial Intermediaries 28th February 2024
Commencement of Offer Period 28th February 2024
Placement Date 13th March 2024
Closing of Offer Period 14th March 2024
Announcement of the results of the Offer 25th March 2024
Expected date of commencement of trading 2nd April 2024









If you are interested to apply, please reach out to your client manager.

Please click here for more colour on the issuance and to read the Offering Documentation.

Rollover offer for 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond - Issue 2019

The Government of Malta has announced a rollover offer to all existing holders of the maturing 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond (MGSB) – Issue 2019 (Maturing Bond) to rollover all their holdings into a new 62+ Malta Government Savings Bonds – Issue 2024 (New Bond) with effect from the 20th of March 2024.

Existing Bondholders of the 62+ MGSB – 2019 electing to rollover their holdings in the New Bond shall be allocated the same nominal value they held in the Maturing Bond in the new 62+ MGSB – Issue 2024. The New Bond shall be issued with the same terms as the existing 62+ MGSB – Issue 2019 save for the interest rate which shall be 3.35% per annum fixed for the 5-Year term.

Before deciding whether to roll over or not please keep in mind the following:

  1. When the maturing 62+ Malta Government Savings Bonds 2024 were issued in 2024, these bonds offered a significant premium in the interest that you could earn versus what was available in the market at that time in 2019.   
  2. Today the interest rate environment is significantly different with government bonds now yielding a similar amount to these bonds, with the added benefit that the government bonds are liquid, in other words you could exit or enter freely whereas the 62+ bonds are tied up for the full 5 years and cannot be traded in the meantime.  If you are interested in learning about the alternatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click here for more colour on the issuance and to read the Offering Documentation.


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