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At Curmi & Partners, we scrutinise and re-evaluate local and international financial markets constantly, because the value of providing our clients with the right prospects and low-risk big-reward strategies far exceeds the normal way of doing things. As we are not tied to any one financial institution, we are free to choose the best opportunities from the most respected and responsible investment  managers, allowing us to build strategies fully equipped with the necessary research and data to reap strong returns.

Should you wish to receive any of the research published so far, please feel free to contact us.

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How do you value Crypto?

Article by David Curmi - 9th May 2021

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The end of globalisation as we know it?

Article by Nicole Busuttil - 25th April 2021

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Are you saving enough for your future?

Article by David Curmi - 12th April 2021

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From projection to realisation

Article by Matthias Busuttil - 11th April 2021

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Value stocks should continue to lead

Article by Robert Ducker - 28th March 2021

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Vaccine Progress Supports Cyclical Outlook

Article by David Curmi - 14th March 2021

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The Implications of Rising Inflation for Bond Investors

Article by Simon Gauci Borda - 28th February 2021

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High disappointment risk due to high market complacency

Article by Matthias Busuttil - 14th February 2021

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Correction risk on the rise

Article by Robert Ducker - 31st January 2021

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