Curmi & Partners -Corporate Finance & Advisory

Capital Markets & Advisory

At Curmi & Partners, the Capital Markets team uses the wide-ranging experience and skills developed in financial markets to help companies raise capital using a variety of debt and equity instruments.

Over the years we have developed a strong competence when acting in roles such as sponsoring broker, placement agent or advisor, for corporates seeking access to financial markets.

In these projects, we leverage our broad understanding of financial markets, corporate finance, regulatory requirements, and investors’ perspectives. Our clients also benefit from our extensive relations with relevant counterparties in the sector.    

Given the regulatory and execution complexities of capital markets transactions, we offer issuers the best chance of success in listing their financial instrument and a seamless process throughout with all stakeholders involved.

Some of our activities include:

-            Liaising with the major regulators, the MFSA and the MSE on behalf of the issuer

-            Assisting in the preparation of the prospectus and the other listing documentation

-            Advising on the structure and pricing of the financial instrument

-            Co-ordinating investor roadshows and distribution process

-            Preparing certain documents that may be required on an ongoing basis, such as Financial Analysis Summary reports

External Investment Advisory Services

Our technical staff are members of dozens of investment committees and regulatory boards, which clears our clients’ paths to local and international financial markets.