Curmi & Partners

Our History

Small, intimate, focused, deeply rooted in Maltese culture, and tailored to meet your needs.

These are the characteristics that make us who we are. They have allowed us to provide over forty years of expert investment management and financial advice. They keep us close-knit, always searching for the best advice, and able to analyse your financial profile to its smallest detail. And they are what our founder, Neville Curmi, had on his mind when he built Malta’s leading financial investment house, brick by brick.

1978: The first brick laid

Curmi & Partners begins providing investment solutions under the name Inter Finance Ltd. This grows into a successful venture that personalises the investment process for individuals looking for a seamless path into international markets.

1989: Recognition as leading financial investment house

Neville Curmi, CEO of the Inter Finance brand, is appointed to the Council for the Malta Stock Exchange as one of the chief advisors.

His direct contributions to the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) help drive the project to fruition, when in 1991 the MSE is established, paving the way for a local capital markets industry to develop.

1992: Carved into Malta’s history.

On January 8, 1992, Inter Finance Ltd makes the first ever trade on the MSE when a transaction in Malta Government Bonds takes place. This is a historical moment that marks the fruition of many years of hard work building the MSE.

1995: A new generation is born

Neville hands the reins of Inter Finance over to his like-minded son, David. The company continues to grow.

2002: The big change

Inter Finance Ltd becomes the Curmi & Partners we know today.

2011: Building for the future

Non-family members, Karl Micallef and Vincent Micallef, are appointed to the Curmi & Partners board.

2015: Where to next?

First non-executive, Joseph F.X. Zahra is appointed to the board as the company continues to lead the field in setting corporate governance standards.


Curmi & Partners is helping more clients than ever reach their financial and investment goals, our expertise and investment methodology have helped guide our way through over forty years of decision making, problem solving, and reliable investment advice. Our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strategies lend us the momentum we need to excel in the rapidly changing world of investment. We have the single goal of providing you a personal and professional service, for which our greatest motivator is the integrity, loyalty, and candour that make up the foundation of our company.