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GO plc : Company Profile

GO plc is Malta's leading telecommunications and anciliary services provider. The services provided by the Group include fixed-line and mobile telphony services, broadband and internet services including Voice Over Internet Protocol services (VoIP), digital terrestrial television and IPTV.

Shareholders in excess of 5%
TT ML Limited 65.42%
Innovate Software Limited 100%
GO Data Centre Services Limited 100%
Bellnet Limited 100%
BM IT Limited 100%
BM Support Services Limited 100%
Kinetix IT Solutions Limited 51%
Cablenet Communication Systems Limited 51%
Loqus Holding plc 15.00%
Forthnet S.A. 22.60%
Chairman Nizar Bougila
CEO Attila Keszeg
Company Secretary Francis Galea Salamone
Year end 31st December
Listed on MSE 22nd June 1998
ISIN Code MT0000090101
MSE Symbol GO
Bloomberg Code GO MV EQUITY