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Joseph F.X. Zahra


Joseph F X Zahra is an economist and a director of SurgeAdvisory, a corporate strategy consultancy. Between 1983 and 2016 he was managing director of MISCO, an independent economic and management consultancy which he co-founded with operations in Malta and Cyprus.

Mr  Zahra held several public appointments including that of director of the Central Bank of Malta (1992-96), Chairman of Bank of Valletta plc (1998-2004), Chairman of Maltacom plc (2003) and Chairman of Middlesea Insurance plc (2010-12). He led the National Euro Changeover Committee (NECC) that had the responsibility to introduce the euro in Malta in 2008.

He is today chairman or board director of private and publicly listed companies including financial institutions with global reach. He is a visiting lecturer in micro and managerial economics in universities in Malta and Italy and he regularly addresses conferences in Europe and North America. Pope Benedict XVI appointed him in 2011 International Auditor in the then Prefecture for Economic Affairs of the Vatican.  In July 2013, the newly appointed Pope Francis chose him to lead the commission for the reforms of the economic and administrative structures of the Holy See (COSEA), and was consequently appointed Vice Coordinator of the newly formed Council for the Economy.