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Mapfre Middlesea: Company Profile

Middlesea Insurance p.l.c. was registered in 1981 as the first Maltese insurance company transacting general business. In  2011,  MAPFRE Internacional obtained a majority shareholding in Middlesea Insurance p.l.c., and thus the company became a member of the MAPFRE group. In May 2015, Middlesea Insurance changed its name to Mapfre Middlesea p.l.c.

Shareholders in excess of 5%
MAPFRE Internacional S.A. 54.56%
Bank of Valletta plc 31.08%
Euro Globe Holdings Limited 100.00%
Euromed Risk Solutions Limited 100.00%
Bee Insurance Management Limited 100.00%
MSV Life p.l.c. 50.00%
Church Wharf Properties Limited 75.00%
Premium Realty Limited 37.50%
Plaze Centres plc 28.36%
Tigne Mall plc 34.56%
Chairman Martin Galea
CEO Felipe Navarro
Company Secretary Carlo Farrugia
Year end 31st December 2016
Listed on MSE 22nd September 1994
ISIN Code MT0000050105
MSE Symbol MMS