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Medserv: Company Profile

Mederv plc was founded in 1974. Medserv provides integrated logistics support and services, including engineering services for plant and equipment used for the exploration and production of oil & gas from offshore fields and premium threading, inspection and repair services for oil country tubular goods.

Shareholders in excess of 5%
Malampaya Investments Limited 33.49%
Anthony S Diacono 31.30%
Rizzo Farrugia & Co 9.40%
Medserv International Ltd 99.99%
Medserv Italy Ltd 99.99%
Medserv Eastern Mediterranean Ltd 99.99%
Medserv East Africa Ltd 99.99%
Medserv Libya Ltd 99.99%
Medserv M.E. Ltd 99.99%
Medserv Operations Ltd 99.99%
MDS Energy Portugal Unipessol Lda 100.00%
Medserv Energy TT Ltd 100.00%
Medserv (Cyprus) Ltd 80.00%
Chairman Anthony S Diacono
Collective Executive Management Anthony S Diacono, Anthony Duncan and Godwin Borg
Company Secretary Laragh Cassar
ZYear end 31st December
Listed on MSE 23rd October 2006
ISIN Code MT0000310103
MSE Symbol MDS
Bloomberg Code MDS MV EQUITY