Curmi & Partners

Information which we collect

Most of the personal information which we may collect about you through this website is given to us only if you choose to give it to us. Such personal information may be requested from you when you fill in a field (e.g. to submit a vacancy), sign up for our newsletter or fill in any other form with your questions and comments or any other form or application downloaded through or from Curmi & Partners Ltd’s Website. If you send us emails, then the personal data we process will depend on what you send us in the email.

The information we collect from you normally includes the following:

1.    Name + Surname;

2.    Contact Details;

       a.    Email address

       b.    Home Address

       c.    Telephone Number

3.    Date of Birth;

4.    Information about your device (phone or laptop) with which you used our website;

5.    If you apply for a vacancy other information will be requested (see the section on recruitment)

Check out the next section to understand 'How & Why we use your information'.

Some other information is given to us because you accessed this website (e.g. logs, recorded through cookies). This is explained in the Cookies section.