Curmi & Partners

Karl Micallef (CFA)

Executive Director

Chief Investment Officer

Prior to joining Curmi & Partners, Karl worked within the Finance and Investments department of MiddleSea Group and was a member of the Investment Committee which was responsible for the management of the investment portfolios of both Middle Sea Insurance and Middle Sea Valletta Life Assurance.

In 2001, Karl joined Interfinance Ltd which is today known as Curmi & Partners Ltd, where he started working within the research division of the entity. Following his CFA qualification, he started focusing on asset allocation formulation and portfolio management for institutions and high net worth individuals with his main areas of expertise in insurance, pensions and trusts. Throughout the years, Mr Micallef has occupied various positions within the same entity. In fact, Karl is currently an Executive Director and in 2020 was appointed Chief Investment officer and is responsible for inter alia, the Advisory and Portfolio Management division of the firm, Capital Markets and Research & Strategy.

Karl has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and throughout his career has held and continues to occupy several non-executive directorship roles and committee roles within regulated, Malta-based financial institutions.

Karl graduated with a First Class honours degree in Banking and Finance and a Master’s Degree in Financial Services. In 2010, Karl obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification and became a member of the CFA UK Society.

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