Curmi & Partners

New Issues


  • A Forty million 3.5% coupon 2031 bond issue + a Share offer from AX Group company

AX Real Estate Limited, a subsidiary of AX Group p.l.c. in the process of being converted into a public limited company (AXRE), intends to submit an application to the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), for authorization of a “Combined Offer” of a “Share Offer” and a “Bond Issue”. Curmi & Partners are acting as a joint sponsor for this “Combined offer”.

AX Real Estate Limited (AXRE) intends issuing 33,333,333 ordinary ‘A’ shares to the public at an offer price of €0.60 per share. Subject to an over-allotment option which, if exercised, would increase the offer to up to an aggregate of 50,000,000 (Fifty million) ordinary ‘A’ shares (the “Share Offer”).AXRE also intends issuing a €40,000,000 (Forty million) in 3.5% unsecured bonds of a nominal value of €100 per bond, to be issued at par, redeemable in 2031 (the “Bond Issue”).” 

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  • Euro Eighty million bond issue of 3.65% Unsecured Bonds due 2031 by International Hotel Investment (IHI) plc. 

Curmi & Partners are acting as a non-independent Financial Intermediary for the new bond issuance of €80 million by IHI plc. The minimum application is for €2,000 and increments of €100 thereafter. The bonds will be issued at par. The offer period for the general public is from 8th November 2021 till 29th November 2021.

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  • Hili Properties plc IPO 

Curmi & Partners are acting as a non-independent Authorised Financial Intermediary for the new equity issuance of 185,185,185 new ordinary shares (ISIN MT0000940107) at an issue price of €0.27, with total issuance size of €50 million for Hili Properties. The minimum application is for 4,000 New Ordinary Shares.

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