Curmi & Partners

Our People & Culture

Curmi & Partners is a close-knit family of highly qualified, highly talented individuals who live and breathe financial solutions. Our people help us ensure that our clients feel they are part of our growing family. We apply a professional investment methodology to find the appropriate investment opportunity that meets our clients’ individual investment requirements. Forty years of helping our clients reach their investment goals has taught us to keep personal integrity and focus on investment performance at the heart of everything we do, which is key to providing the bespoke professional service Curmi & Partners is known for.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

David Curmi (B.Sc. Econ)

Chief Executive Officer

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Edward Jaccarini

Executive Director

Chief Financial Officer

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Portfolio Management & Advisory

Somnath Banerjee

Head of Investment & Portfolio Management

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Investment Research

Capital Markets


Middle Office




Our Backbone

Alexia Curmi (M.Sc. Forensic Investigation, B.Psy (Hons))

Finance Officer

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What makes us different?

We are dedicated to our clients and have devoted ourselves for over forty years to providing a personal and professional service. Our team of experts is highly qualified to assist with all forms of financial investment and is capable of adhering to even the most stringent of regulations. What drives us forward is the conviction that the opportunities we provide are seamless channels into local and international financial markets, helping our clients achieve their desired returns on investments without the hassle or glib of normal financial providers.

Our approach is backed by state-of-the-art investment software that meets the highest international standards for financial reporting. This maintains consistency across all our strategies and allows us to be completely transparent about where our clients’ investments stand.